All brands tell stories about their products. Story Native brands make products about their story.

The relationship between brands and their customers is broken.

You can thank the internet.

What we’ve been living through for the past two decades is called a digital ‘revolution’ for a reason. Like the agricultural and industrial revolutions before it, the digital revolution is…

Jonah Lehrer explains how every decision you make enters your brain through the emotional door and exits through the rational door.

At the end of his book “How We Decide,” the once pop-science boy wonder Jonah Lehrer tells a story about the conundrum of buying Cheerios. He couldn’t decide between Honey Nut and Apple Cinnamon, and it was this weekly grocery struggle that inspired him to research the neuroscience of decision-making…

Brian Hennessy

Founder of Talkoot, a bright, open, people-first product content collaboration platform built for direct to consumer brands.

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